Bandar Kuching MP: Old Tanah Puteh clinic needs upgrading

Yii (fourth right) presenting the cheque to a healthcare representative of Tanah Puteh Health Clinic in the presence of other staff

KUCHING, Jan 19: The old Tanah Puteh health clinic is in dire need of infrastructure upgrades in order to better meet the needs of not only patients but also healthcare frontliners.

Bandar Kuching MP Kelvin Yii emphasised that improvements of its facilities are needed urgently to ensure it is able to cope with the possible increase in patients as the clinic has been designated for Covid-19 screening.

“And recently due to heavy rains, some parts of the clinic were partially flooded especially its exterior where a Covid-19 testing bay is located especially for those who show influenza-like-illness (ILI),” he said in a media release after a visit to the clinic today.

Yii’s visit to the clinic was to understand the kind of challenges faced by the clinic in these difficult times and to find ways to assist them for the benefit of both the staff and patients.

Remarked that his allocations had been cut after the change in government, he only managed to present an allocation of RM8,800 this time around for Tanah Puteh Health Clinic to help in addressing some of the urgent problems especially the flooding at the testing bay to provide some convenience for staff carrying out their duties and also patients coming in.

“I will try my best in my capacity to help them. We all play a part to help one another especially during this pandemic,” he said.

Since elected as a member of Parliament, Yii pointed out that he had rendered various assistance totalling RM373,000 to Tanah Puteh Health Clinic among others to upgrade certain facilities, provide new equipment including for orthodontic, new air-conditioning units, repainting, awning for main entrance, and many others.

“All the assistance was to appreciate the hard work of all the staff there as well as to provide a better environment for the patients who go there on a daily basis.

“One of our priorities is to take care of the welfare and needs of the staff because when they are well taken care of, they will then provide better and quality of care to the patients,” he added. — DayakDaily