Body of teen found in croc mouth

Villagers found the mutilated body of another victim of crocodile attack at Kampung Hilir in Kuala Tatau, Bintulu

By Nancy Nais

BINTULU, Jan 19: The mutilated body of a 14-year-old boy who became another victim of crocodile attack was found by villagers at the river near Kampung Hilir in Kuala Tatau early this morning.

Sarawak Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) operation centre in a statement said, its Tatau fire station control room was informed of the discovery at 12.54am.

“Villagers nearby discovered Affanirul Abdullah’s body about 400 meters away from where he was last seen before he fell into the river.

“The victim suffered broken left leg and the right hand, with bite marks on his thigh and legs,” the statement said.

Affanirul was reported missing at 1.28 pm yesterday and a team of firefighters led by PBT Jankey Jikat was rushed to the location.

Search and rescue (SAR) operations was immediately mounted where firefighters used surface searching method covering a two-nautical mile radius.

While the villagers continue the search at night, three of them stumbled upon what they thought was crocodile eyes moving with the river current of about 1.5 meters at 12.20am.

When the crocodile re-appeared, they saw the it was holding the victim in its mouth.

The trio, Median Mahli, Albedilah Kadir and Zaidi Razeli successfully forced the crocodile to release the victim and they immediately brought it to the village hut before informing the authorities. — DayakDaily