Water in Sri Aman town slightly yellowish, appears unhygienic — Kapitan Tay

Samples of tap water taken by Tay from Jan 5 to 7, 2019.

By Wilfred Pilo

KUCHING, Jan 7: Sri Aman Chinese community leader Kapitan Tay Siaw Chuan collected tap water samples the last three days, and from there he knows precisely why he still gets hammered by local residents everywhere he goes even though the water supply pressure is fine now.

On Friday, the water appeared slightly yellowish and unfit for human consumption. On Saturday, the water quality remained unchanged. Today, things are still the same — the water is still yellowish and dirty.

Tay told DayakDaily that the people are still fuming because of the water quality. He reminded the Rural Water Supply Department (JBALB) that when he aired the frustrations of his people to DayakDaily on Jan 4, he was referring to the water issue in Sri Aman town itself, not the division.

“I thank JBALB for their efforts in searching for burst pipes and rectifying the problems. But I have taken samples of the water (the past few days) and the quality is still appalling.

“The complaint is not on the water pressure anymore but rather the water quality. It is very hard to explain to the public, so I hope JBALB can do something about this quickly. It could be that the water quality is caused by the repair works … I don’t know,” he said.

Kapitan Tay Siaw Chuan

Tay revealed that he still received complaints from local residents, notably from Jalan Brayun, Taman Vistagro, Jalan Kejatau and in Sri Aman town itself. The business community is also pestering him about the water quality.

He hoped JBALB could solve the problem area-by-area to ensure that the water pressure is all right and the water quality fine.

“For now, we thank JBALB even though the end users are still fuming because they are at wits’ end when it comes to getting water for cooking, drinking, bathing and washing,” he said.

DayakDaily contacted several residents in the town area today and they confirmed that the water pressure is fine now but the water quality is a concern. — DayakDaily