JBALB says working hard to resolve water issues in Sri Aman

Repairing 6-inch AC pipe at Simpang Jalan Tai Chung, Entulang, on Jan 5, 2019. (Photo courtesy of JBALB)

KUCHING, Jan 6: Sarawak Rural Water Supply Department (JBALB) has assured that it is making every effort to rectify water supply issues in Sri Aman Division.

In a statement, the department said it did issue a public notice about water supply interruption for Sri Aman Division on Jan 3 after receiving a report about low water pressure.

In a statement to DayakDaily, JBALB pointed out that water interruptions took place only in several areas and not the whole of Sri Aman Division as reported.

“Our department has made every effort for several days to find the source of low water pressure in Sri Aman area.”

Upon investigation, the workers discovered burst pipes in several places, such as at the junction of Jalan Bayu, Jalan Skait and at the junction of Jalan Tai Chung in Entulang, too.

JBALB said it immediately directed a contractor to repair the burst pipes so that they could be fully commissioned (in working order) again.

“After all the repairs are done, we will monitor closely from time to time to ensure that the water pressure is stable. However, there are other possible burst pipes that could also cause the current low water pressure in Sri Aman.

“Our department will make every effort to find any main pipe burst in Sri Aman town. All end users are welcome to work together and to inform JBALB immediately if they do discover any burst pipes.”

Repairing/jointing 315mm HDPE on Jan 3, 2019. (Photo courtesy of JBALB)

The statement added that water would be delivered to affected areas and every effort would be made to investigate this issue.

“JBALB Sarawak is committed in its service delivery and is making every effort to overcome the issue that arises to ensure that end users will get their continuous water supply and in compliance with predetermined quality.”

On Jan 4, DayakDaily carried a report on water woes that affected some 15,000 people in Sri Aman town.

Community leader Kapitan Tay Siaw Chuan lamented that he had been bombarded by the residents and the business community over this issue that had dragged on for many months now.

He claimed to have called JBALB time and again, but all he received were “excuses” while the end users fumed because water supply for cooking, drinking, bathing, washing and for the toilets were like a roller coaster ride.

For inquiries and more information, JBALB Sri Aman Division can be reached at 083-323240/323241/323242. — DayakDaily