SMK Rosli Dhoby student with cerebral palsy credits teachers, classmates for his 6As, 2Cs in SPM

Angela hugging Alverth after he received his SPM results.

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SIBU, June 8: A student born with cerebral palsy overcame barriers to earn excellent results in the 2022 SPM exam.

Alverth Hudson Awan Kebing, 18, from SMK Rosli Dhoby scored 6As and 2Cs in the exam—results which exceeded his expectation.

Alverth scored As in Bahasa Malaysia, English, Science, Geography, and History, and A+ in Moral Education. His two Cs were in Mathematics and Visual Art Education.

“I was aiming to get 4As but now I got 6As instead which is beyond my expectation,” said Alverth after receiving his result slip today.

He credited his remarkable achievement to the hard work put in by his teachers.

“The teachers here have been incredibly helpful. They emphasised memorisation techniques, especially for subjects like history. They conducted extra classes for us from Monday to Saturday, and I never missed any of them,” he said.

Alverth, whose ambition is to become a customs officer, also extended his appreciation to his classmates for their genuine concern for his well-being that enabled him to excel in his studies.

With his excellent SPM results in hand, he said he would very carefully consider any offer to further his studies.

Alverth’s mother, Angela Mendong, was overjoyed with his achievement.

“To be able to keep up with his classmates, considering his special circumstances, is already commendable. As long as he can lead a fulfilling life and take care of himself to the best of his abilities, I am grateful,” said Mendong who is the head nurse at the Oya Health Clinic

Asked how she motivated her son in his studies, she revealed she did not put excessive pressure on him but only encouraged him to do his best.

“I must say that the teachers’ unwavering commitment and my monitoring of his academic progress at home have undoubtedly played a significant role in his success,” said Angela. — DayakDaily