Sime Darby Rajawali Estate staff get first hand knowledge on fire safety prevention

Management and staff of Sime Darby Rajawali Estate recently took part in fire safety prevention programme.

BINTULU, Aug 23: A fire safety prevention programme was recently held for 30 management and staff of Sime Darby Rajawali Estate by Fire and Rescue Department.

Led by Samalaju fire station chief PPgB Hashim Norshidi, the team was aimed at building awareness of fire safety to lower the risk of a fire incident which can result in the loss of property or worse, lives.

“Fire management and safety awareness is important to create a hazard-free environment. It must not be taken lightly. Our programme with Sime Darby on Aug 21 will equip learners with the necessary basic skills to handle relatively simple fire incidents which might happen anywhere in the workplace.

Firefighter demonstrating the use of fire extinguisher on a stove fire.

“Everyone must be prepared to know on ‘what to do’ and learn how to handle an incident in a calm manner. They were also taught on how to handle fire extinguisher because a fire usually starts small and it can be contained if one is to act fast,” Hashim said in a statement.

The group also learnt the steps and precautions to take, and the best way to avoid an incident is to eliminate related fire hazards.

With this knowledge, Hashim added that they can also apply it at their home or elsewhere because fire can happen anywhere.-DayakDaily