Ng urges public to support youth reps at forefront of political movement

Dominique Ng. file pic.

KUCHING, April 26: Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Bandar Kuching branch chairman Dominique Ng calls on the public to support and push more youths at the forefront of any political movement to represent Sarawak’s next generation and the future of Sarawak.

Ng in a press statement today said he has utmost faith that with youths and new blood in the coming Sarawak election, the political landscape of Sarawak will change for the better as new ideas can be incorporated and change can be felt.

“With that, I strongly recommended that the public and the party support Cherishe Ng to defend the Batu Lintang constituency as a representative of both the youth and women.

“I strongly believe that with her background and character, the party can stand strong and the public will benefit from her youthful representation in the Sarawak August House (State Legislative Assembly),” he said.

On the same note, Ng reminded the party members to believe in the party’s policies and continue to fight for the people.

He said the party must forge on and continue to defend and promote Sarawak’s multi-racial political movement.

“The party has undergone a rough and difficult year in 2020, with members jumping ship and elected representatives who stood under the Party banner becoming traitors to their own Party, at the same time betraying the public who had voted for them.

“Despite that, even if the Party has gone through such a difficult time, I believed in the strong faith in the Party’s policies and the members must keep fighting for the people. So long as the members remain principled, the public will not accept traitors and political frogs,” he said.

According to Ng, following such a big clean-up within the party, the party now has a renewed traction with internal reforms that will quickly put the Party back on track.

“The Party has been actively recruiting and nurturing youths, new blood and faces which will aid reform and create new ideas,” he added. — DayakDaily