Timber company gives bank 14 days to conduct probe over staff pay of RM363,509 in third party accounts

Kee Kong (centre) showing the police report with Huang on his left and Wong on his right.

SIBU, June 21: A timber company is giving a bank 14 days to conduct another investigation after a sum of RM363,509 which was its staff salary is believed to have ended up in two third party accounts.

Speaking at a press conference today, Bintani Maju Sdn Bhd managing director Wong Kee Kong said they had already brought up the case to its company lawyer for action.

He said at about 9.28am on June 3, he made an online bulk transfer of RM116,850 to the  accounts of 22 of its staff and second batch of transfers at about 1.25pm of a total of RM246,659.91 to the accounts of 51 staff.

“However at 3.30pm the next day, we found out that all beneficiaries’ account numbers had being amended to two unknown third parties without any notification from bank,” he said.

Wong disclosed that the first bulk transaction of RM116,850 instead went to a bank account number of an unknown person while the other amount of RM246,659.91 ended up in another bank account number of a company.

He immediately lodged a police report that evening at the Central Police Station here.

“We have also reported the matter to our bank and uploaded our version of excel file (containing the staff name, salary and bank account numbers) and the disputed printout version to the bank email account at 6pm on June 4,” he added.

Later that night at 8pm, the bank investigating officer clarified that there were two PAC numbers sent out from their end for each transaction. However the company was told that there was only one PAC (porting authorisation code) received by the bank for each upload of the excel files.

“We have emailed all relevant documents to Bank Negara on June 6 but were advised to wait for the bank internal investigation first and to liaise with the police,” he added.

On June 8, an officer of the bank again clarified and verified with him that the bank had sent out two PAC for each transaction.

Wong however was very certain that the company received only one PAC for each upload.

Following a 14-day investigation by the bank, the company had on June 17 received an investigation report from the bank through an email. The company was told that the standard procedures for the payroll file posting to the stage of approval were all in order.

“We are disappointed with the bank report and also their security system. It is unfair as all responsibilities now fall on us. It seems that we, as the victim, need to take full responsibility for this fraud,” Wong said.

Repok assemblyman Datuk Seri Huang Tiong Sii, who was sought by the company to bring up the case, wanted the bank to conduct another thorough investigation on it.

“The bank needs to do another thorough investigation and comes out with a reasonable outcome to the victim. At the same time, the bank needs to provide a secure banking experience to all its customers,” he called.

Also present at the press conference was the company’s chairman, Wong Pak Cheng. — DayakDaily