Selampit Bridge, Jalan Kendaie-Selampit expected to be completed in 24 months upon projects’ kick-off

An overview of the Jalan Kendaie-Selampit road and Kampung Selampit bridge project.

By Nancy Nais

LUNDU, Aug 12: The Jalan Kendaie-Selampit road and Kampung Selampit Bridge projects are expected to complete in 24 months upon the projects’ kick-off, says Deputy Minister for Infrastructure and Port Development (Infrastructure Development) Aidel Lariwoo.

Approximately 1,200 people live in these areas, and it was understood that those from Kampung Kendaie had to go through gravel roads crossing their farm to get to the main road or use a boat to cross Batang Kayan before reaching the nearby towns of Lundu and Sematan.

However, there are times when their journey is interrupted due to a flood on the existing road, preventing the villagers from carrying out their daily tasks.

Speaking to reporters during his working visit to Kampung Selampit together with implementing agencies, namely the Public Works Department (JKR) and the Sarawak Land and Survey Department this morning, Aidel said the construction of Jalan Kendaie-Selampit as an alternative road has finally materialised.

“This project has been approved by the Economic Planning Unit (EPU) with an overall cost of RM72 million. The scope involves the construction of a 12km road with a width of 6.5m, including drainage and sewer systems. It will connect Kampung Selampit and Kampung Kendaie, passing through the oil palm plantation area.

“The topography in this area is flat and prone to flooding as it crosses several streams. Safety factors on the existing road must also be taken into account because it is slippery and dangerous during the rainy season,” Aidel said.

Another critical factor to this, he added, is that with such a road, basic facilities and utilities such as water and electricity can be supplied to the residents along the project line.

At the same time, the government also approved the Kampung Selampit bridge project.

The RM27.94 million bridge, which includes road access and a drainage system around the area, will be 200m long and 6.5m wide.

It will connect the road from Kampung Selampit to Kendaie, Pasir Hilir, and its surroundings.

(From left) JKR Sarawak assistant director of rural development Noor Ismail Razali, Aidel, and Billy.

Opar assemblyman Billy Sujang, who was also present, said that a new and proper paved road would provide safe, comfortable and fast transportation for villagers. In addition, the bridge will also save a lot of time for those who commute from Kampung Kendaie to Bau, Lundu town and Kuching.

“Opar is a purely rural constituency. Therefore, apart from what was mentioned above, this project will be a catalyst for socio-economic activities for the local villagers, especially when this area has a lot of agricultural potentials.

“Both projects are one of my efforts to fulfil the last Sarawak election manifesto in which I promised to resume the works for development in the affected Opar state constituency while it was under the helm of the opposition.

“I will continue to work on other projects and ensure that they can be implemented immediately to benefit our people in this constituency,” Billy said. — DayakDaily