Association working with Forest Department to protect, preserve Bung Bratak ‘green lung’

Minos (seated centre) in a group photo with Forest Department officers and other participants at the dialogue session.

KUCHING, Aug 12: The Bung Bratak Heritage Association (BBHA) is working closely with the Forest Department to protect and preserve the forests and natural surroundings at Bung Bratak which has been included in the Heart of Borneo (HOB) programme.

BBHA chairman Dato Peter Minos pointed out that the preservation and protection of Bung Bratak’s thick jungle foliage, which is located close to Kuching City, is critical and vital as it serves as a “green lung” of the city.

“Tree planting and forest rehabilitation are among the efforts that will be carried out to improve the natural environment at Bung Bratak as well as the nearby hills and mountains.

“This is consistent with BBHA’s role as the informal custodian and protector of the flora and fauna and nature of Bung Bratak,” he said in a statement today following a dialogue session on the Forest Landscape Restoration Programme which was held yesterday.

Elaborating, Minos said the Forest Department is using the Bung Bratak Heritage Centre as a base to teach and guide the local community leaders on forest protection and rehabilitation.

“So far, the Forest Department has set up a nursery for exotic trees and implemented safe jungle tracks to Bung Bratak waterfall and summit. We deeply appreciate the big contribution from the Department,” he added.

As Bung Bratak is also an eco-tourism centre, Minos reminded that protecting the natural environment is everyone’s responsibility. — DayakDaily