Saving lives, no matter how small

Mohamad Ain’li Akhbar performs the kiss of life on a kitten after saving it from a house fire.

By Nancy Nais

KUCHING, Jan 21: Firefighters are known to be courageous members who place their lives on the line during emergencies.

Saving lives is part of their core duties, though the public usually use the phrase to refer to human lives.

At times, there may also be animals in the building or premises when fires happen and they could easily be overlooked during chaotic scenarios.

However, at the end of the day, no life is too small to discredit and firefighter PB Mohamad Ain’li Akhbar from Lopeng fire station has proven that especially after a video of him attempting to rescue a kitten went viral.

This morning, a team of firefighters from Miri Sentral and Lopeng stations were dispatched to a house at Jalan Kampung Luak 4 in Miri that had caught fire.

They received the emergency call at 11.51am. Nobody was injured, as all the occupants were out at work.

However, in the mist of fighting the blaze, Mohamad Ain’li found a kitten in dire and weak condition inside the house.

He immediately made a swift decision to take the kitten out of the house and perform CPR, using his fingers to gently but firmly exert pressure onto the kitten’s chest.

From the video, the kitten was only about as big as Mohamad Ain’li’s palm.

According to Miri zone fire chief PgKB I Law Poh Kiong, Mohamad Ain’li could not save the kitten despite trying repeatedly for about 30 minutes.

“He held the weak kitten and continued to assist with CPR. However, the kitten did not made it, probably due to thick smoke inhalation or heat,” Law said, adding that with a heavy heart, Mohamad Ain’li finally stopped trying. — DayakDaily