Sagrotek to boost agriculture modernisation efforts

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KUCHING: The Saberkas Agrotechnology Training Centre (SAGROTEK) in Samarahan is set to change the landscape of agricultural development in Sarawak.

Still at the planning stage, the state government has approved 12 acres of land to develop a new agriculture technology training centre in order to empower agriculture development.

Sarawak United Youth Organisation (Saberkas) secretary general Dr Abdul Rahman Junaidi said the centre would be equipped with various scientific research and bio-tech labs where findings will be introduced to young entrepreneurs who are interested to venture into modern agriculture in the state.

“This initiative will introduce farming using bio-tech methods among the younger generation as a new lucrative sector that should be explored.

“Saberkas will continue to focus its business ventures and economic development programmes on promising fields and sectors to provide various opportunities for the younger generations,” Abdul Rahman said after attending the Saberkas supreme council meeting today.

He added that the state will explore the current trends, markets and new opportunities while relevant bodies must match their youth development initiative in accordance with the latest trends.