MoCS: Use your right to vote as a referendum for Sarawak in PRN12

TALK ON INDEPENDENCE: The moderator of the forum Edmund Lee (seated centre) seen with the speakers and guests from left See, Siah, Voon and Lo.

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KUCHING, Jan 11: The Movement for Change, Sarawak (MoCS) is appealing to eligible Sarawakian voters to use their rights in the upcoming Sarawak State Election to cast their vote as a referendum for Sarawak.

Its chairman Francis Paul Siah believed that was the wisest decision a voter can do to determine the fate of Sarawak for the future.

“Today, I wish to challenge you all (voters), my fellow Sarawakians to consider the coming state election, PRN12, as a referendum for Sarawak, separating the nation.

“Use the coming state election to tell whoever that is going to lead the (next) government that this is the people’s choice, the people’s decision.

“So, your vote in the coming state election is crucial. Let your vote be a referendum for independence.

“That is my challenge to my fellow Sarawakians today,” he told a group of audience in a forum at a multipurpose hall here today.

The forum was attended by more than 200 people consisting mostly Sarawakians and a group of Sabahans.

Besides that, Siah observed there was a growing awareness of the public especially Sarawakians about the fight for independence.

He believed that going forward, there were growing voices for self-determination for independence, and the voices are getting louder.

“We know we are almost certain that things can certainly be better.

“And the situation can suddenly differ and they already are.

“And this is the purpose for this forum today and that is what we want to fight for which is independence,” he pointed out.

He believed there will be more opportunities for Sarawak if it gained independence.

He outlined that in order for the people and the organisation to be accountable to others for seeking independence, the organisation must have answers.

In addition, he said those who wants independence must be brave to fight for it, have sustained commitment and consistency.

Apart from that, he stressed that in order for Sarawak to gain independence, it must be a concerted effort from all Sarawakians.

He reminded those who want Sarawak to seek independence to fight as a united force.

He urged those who are fighting for independence for instance the Sarawak for Sarawakians’ group to be inclusive and not exclusive because it is every Sarawak’s battle.

Siah recalled that at times he was annoyed when being confronted with some of views from Peninsular Malaysia on why some Sarawakians are still looking to seek independence.

As such his respond was, “We must and we should always try to bring what we are already blessed with to greater glory.

If something can be better or further improved, why can’t we continue to make it better,” he opined —DayakDaily