Lubok Antu longhouse folk in dire need of consistent water supply

Jugah Muyang

KUCHING, April 11: Due to a shortage of usable water in some parts of Lubok Antu, its MP, Jugah Muyang, is urging the federal government to speed up the completition of the Lubok Antu Phase 2 Water Supply Project.

He also hoped the government would upgrade the old pipes supplying water to some of the longhouses there because it could not cope with current needs.

“Now that some parts of the state are facing drought, river water levels have been very low, making the water muddy and murky; thus, making the water almost unusable.

“Some longhouses have water pipes connected, but are without water. They are in Sungai Keroh, Pais, Engkaras, Merio and Sukong. The current piped-water supply could not cope with the demand of the increasing population,” Muyang said in a statement today.

Some of them, he said, had never had treated water supply till now and were depending on river water and rainwater for their daily water needs.

“Even worse when celebrations at the longhouses like weddings or government programmes and even funerals are affected by the shortage of water,” lamented Muyang. — DayakDaily