Lo denies allegations of favouritism in MPP devt fund allocation

Lo (right) taking part in the walkabout, accompanied by the village chief and the councillors.

KUCHING, June 29: MPP chairman Lo Khere Chiang asserts that allocations for development are distributed equally to areas within the council’s jurisdiction.

He said this was because all MPP taxpayers deserved and wanted development in their areas.

“Development projects from MPP spread all over the areas of its jurisdiction and are not only confined to the Batu Kitang constituency, and for this reason we have a zoning system, where we have resident councillors to look after each zone,” Lo, who is Batu Kitang assemblyman explained.

The Padawan Municipal Council (MPP) chairman said this to refute allegations that MPP is only focusing on areas and villages within Batu Kitang where he is the elected representative.

He said this during a walkabout at Kpg Emperoh Giam Asar, at KM34 Jalan Borneo Heights yesterday, accompanied by seven MPP councillors.

Lo cited funding under Malaysian Road Records Information System (Marris), amongst others, where the allocations are distributed equally to improve roads in urban and rural areas under MPP’s jurisdiction.

Kelviniko (right) listening to an explanation from Lo (second right) and MPP councillor Ahkim Sarok (third right) during the walkabout.

During the walkabout, Lo was briefed by village chief Jacob Achoi on the need to repair the dilapidated wooden bridge in the village and upgrade the village road.

On the wooden bridge, Lo said works will start next month or August, and also gave assurance that the improvement of the village road would be carried out within this year.

He also said that MPP will organise a community programme in the village soon.

The programme yesterday was organised by the Giam Asar Community Association (GACA) headed by Kelviniko Seding Onose and the Village Development and and Security Committee (JKKK). — DayakDaily