HSL’s Vista Industrial Park is open for ‘rent first, own later’ scheme

VIP lots masterplanned and designed by Jurubina Unireka that won VIP two Sheda Excellence Awards in the masterplan and commercial categories.

KUCHING, March 19: Vista Industrial Park (VIP), one of Sarawak’s largest private industrial estates by Hock Seng Lee (HSL) is launched today through a rent-to-own scheme.

HSL leasing manager Trish Lui said this new innovation where end-users could ‘rent first, own later’ but with a smaller loan was to answer the calls from small and medium enterprises (SMEs) for business park units.

“A lot of new SMEs have grown over the past year. New challenges have brought about new opportunities. Our VIP receives many inquiries from new entrepreneurs but many may not immediately want to buy a unit in full.

“They like to rent first, own later. That is why HSL is launching its first RTO for SMEs,” she said in a statement today.

Units are 8m to 8.8m in width, 17.5m to 21m in length. Ground floor entrances and ceilings are extra tall to accommodate heavy machinery.

She also highlighted the many benefits of RTO especially when end-users could get a new working premise immediately without being tied down by long-term loans, not forgetting that the buying price is locked in upon signing the contract.

Depending on the package, she said, RTOs come with little or no downpayment as a portion of the rental fees would go into a downpayment, thus it is more like savings to achieve a smaller loan.

Meanwhile, Lui said VIP which is adjacent to Sarawak government’s Sama Jaya High Tech Park is at a strategic location where the international airport, seaports, city centre and Sejingkat industrial zone are about equal distances away.

VIP’s units are double-storey, semi-detached or detached, from 3,053 sq ft of walled-up space with land areas of 13.84 points, to 5,658 sqft and 32.37 points.

VIP is about equal distance to the airport, seaports city centre and Sejingkat industrial zone.

“Units are designed to be flexible. Features include XL-sized openings, easy maneuverability for heavy vehicles, high-ceilings, and uniquely a walled-up staircase to the second floor. Workshops or storeroom operations on the ground floor do not disturb upper floors, which can be offices.

“So far, VIP owners have found a variety of usage including as a central kitchen for a popular Sarawak franchise, a testing lab for public utilities, car workshops and retail showrooms,” said Lui.

Not only that, she said a 3.3-acre central garden has been reserved which poses as a feature rarely seen in Sarawak industrial parks.

HSL is also reserving about one-third of the 200-acre-site for its own use, where it will centralise all its ISO-and-SIRIM-grade manufacturing facilities.

These well-designed VIP lots came from the hands of multi-award-winning Jurubina Unireka where the industrial park has won two Sheda Excellence Awards in the masterplan and commercial categories in Jan, 2020. — DayakDaily