Hooked puppy freed with help from Samalaju firefighters

The puppy with a metal fish hook stuck in her mouth was brought by a Good Samaritan to the Samalaju fire station for help.

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SAMAJALU, Sept 10: Firefighters here received a different type of guest today when a puppy visited them with a metal fish hook stuck in her mouth.

Samalaju fire station chief PPgB Hashim Norshidi said the dog and a kind Samaritan, appeared at the station around 10.30am.

“Upon checking and accessing the situation, we discovered that the fish hook had pierced through the right side of the dog’s mouth.

“According to the Samaritan, he saw the dog in such condition while he was fishing at Samaluju beach resort,” Hashim said.

Firefighters working carefully to remove the hook from the puppy’s mouth.

Firefighters skillfully worked their way to cut the hook out with a bolt cutter and pliers, without causing further harm or distress to the puppy.

It was reported that the Good Samaritan also decided to adopt the puppy. — DayakDaily