Greening Sarawak for our future generations

Dr Annuar presenting a tree seedling to Sibu deputy police chief, Supt Collin Babat at the function.

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SIBU, Oct 18: Housing developers in the State have been urged not to just build concrete jungle but also include trees around their projects.

Assistant Minister of Housing and Local Government, Dr Annuar Rapaee in speaking at the launch of Sibu Level of Le Tour De Restoration Greening Sarawak’s Campaign today, noted that there were new housing projects which do not even have a single tree.

“I am very sad to see a lot of housing developers who build a lot of houses and everything but not a single tree is being planted in their project,” he said.

Taking an example of people’s housing project at Kemuyang, where a total of 800 residential houses are being built, he said he could not find even a tree there.

“That is why I have suggested to Happysupina Sait (deputy director of Sarawak Forestry) to plant trees at the Kemuyang housing project. If you go there now, there is not a single tree being planted. So how can residents there have oxygen(?),” he asked.

Dr Annuar said SF would need to start planting trees there now, as the seedlings need to take between 10 to 20 years to grow into an adult tree.

He said he would work with SF and Sibu Municipal Council (SMC) to ensure that the town could have two natural parks, which is in response to the Chief Minister’s emphasis on greening the State.

“Today is the starting point. We have a long way to go but I am sure we can do it. That is why I am looking towards two national parks, for which I am going to sit down with SF. One is at Taman Rimba (which is located on 300-acres of peat soil) and the other at another place. We need to have these, not only for planting of trees but also for recreational purposes,” he said.

Dr Annuar said more trees need to be planted as trees are the only source of oxygen. With the air now being polluted with carbon dioxide from factories and vehicles, the air now contain only between 20 to 21% of oxygen.

“We need to restore our forest now as we don’t want our future generations to see that the State does not have any more forest. If we don’t restore our trees now, our oxygen supply will be depleted,” he cautioned.

He wanted those doing reafforestation not to consider planting trees for money only but as an investment to our health.

Earlier, SF director, Datu Hamden Mohammad said they had covered most parts of the State for the campaign. These included Kuching, Kapit, Sarikei, and later Miri, Bintulu and Lawas in November.

Datu Hamden’s text of speech was read by his deputy, Happysupina Sait

According to Hamden, the State had, from January to October 18 this year, planted a total of 6,790,809 trees throughout the state. Last year the number of trees planted were 10,452,607. — DayakDaily.