Sarawak govt uses fast-track approach to save costs on building schools

Dr Annuar speaking to reporters.

By William Isau

SIBU, April 18: The construction of seven schools by the Sarawak government using its own funds and for later reimbursement from the federal government, was done at a lower cost.

Deputy Minister for Education, Innovation, and Talent Development Datuk Dr Annuar Rapaee said this fast-track approach is beneficial in savings costs on the repair and building of schools and clinics in the State.

“The cost saving has been proven in the construction of seven schools built by the State government including schools in Daro, Ulu Sengan, and Meludam.

“Another four are still under construction. The most important aspect is that their cost is lower than what was done by the Ministry of Education Malaysia before. That’s why the government agreed to use the State government’s approach because it saves costs and speeds up the process,” he said to reporters after visiting two community leaders in the Kemuyang area last night.

Some primary schools, he said, would require up to RM60 million to be built.

“But the schools built by the Sarawak government in Ulu Sengan cost less than RM40 million,” he stressed.

“Actually, these schools don’t need many fancy embellishments or intricate designs. They just need to function as schools, be durable, and require minimal maintenance. That’s what’s most important.”

In addition, the Sarawak government could also quickly identify schools in need of repairs.

“The procedure involves the State government approving new land or sites and subsequently awarding contracts to local contractors in Sarawak.

“This process involves less bureaucracy compared to going through the federal government. Hence, we are grateful that the federal government is willing to adopt this procedure, allowing us to expedite the repair of dilapidated schools and clinics in Sarawak,” Dr Annuar added. — DayakDaily