GE14 after CNY?

BAGAN DATUK, Nov 26: Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi appears to have dropped a hint that the 14th General Election will likely be held within days after the Chinese New Year next year, reports Bernama.

Ahmad Zahid, who is also Home Minister and MP for Bagan Datuk, had appeared to touch on this when opening the Teoh Fu Kiong Temple in Hutan Melintang here this morning.

“Jangan lupa hari besar kita akan sampai, lepas Tahun Baru Cina akan ada hari besar lain. Kalau dulu bikin silap tak pa saya maafkan. Kalau boleh kali ini jangan bikin silap lagi woo,” he said to rapturous applause from the crowd which numbered more than 500 people.

(English translation: Don’t forget our big day will come, after the Chinese New Year there will be another big day, If before voters made a mistake it is okay, I forgive. If can this time, don’t repeat the same mistake).

Chinese New Year falls on Feb 16 and 17. The current parliamentary term expires on June 26, 2018 which means GE14 must be called within 60 days from that date.

Meanwhile, Ahmad Zahid also touched on freedom of religion in the country saying it contributed to the peace and harmony the people were enjoying.

He said the government is caring and understands religious differences.

“Although our constitution states that Islam is the religion of the federation, non-Muslims are free to practise their respective religions.

“It means the government is fair and respects all religions in the country because Islam teaches us to respect other religions.” — Bernama