Claims of DAP Christianisation agenda “vile and poisonous” to nation’s harmony — Abdul Aziz

Abdul Aziz Isa

KUCHING, Sept 18: The recent media attack on DAP, claiming the party brought Christianisation agenda in Malaysian politics, have been labelled as “vile and poisonous”.

DAP Batu Kitang chairman Abdul Aziz Isa chided PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang for alleged statements that vehemently targeting Sarawakian Chinese, while adding that deputy president Ibrahim Tuan Man had accused DAP of promoting Christianisation agenda.

“This is deliberately dishonest and a malicious attempt to divide the country. DAP is a secular party and there is no religion mentioned in our party constitution.

“In DAP, we don’t promote Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism or Sikhism. Instead, our party is advocating secularism, progressivism, multiculturalism, humanist ethical principles, social justice, equality and human rights,” he said in a statement today.

Abdul Aziz, who is also DAP Socialist Youth (DAPSY) Sarawak publicity secretary, pointed out that the party agenda was to establish a peaceful and prosperous social democracy that can unite its disparate races and diverse religions and cultures.

This is based on the Malaysian concept of forging a Malaysian race grounded on universal moral values, offering equal access and opportunity, upholding democratic governance and the rule of law, creating wealth and distributing it equitably and fighting corruption, he continued.

Questioning Ibrahim’s claim that DAP wants the wealth only for the Chinese, as well as hoping that Sarawakians will prioritise Bumiputera and Malays to control the state, Abdul Aziz refuted such remarks.

He pointed out that since DAP took over Penang in 2008, the allocation for Islamic religious department has been increasing since.

“As much as I understand that the ultra-orthodox religious Abdul Hadi wants a Muslim to retain the power as the chief minister of Sarawak, does he know that the vast majority of Bumiputera in Sarawak are mostly Christians? Does he know that Muslims are less than 40 per cent in Sarawak?” he questioned.

Claiming that Ibrahim is using the rescue and diversion tactic, Abdul Aziz believed PAS had received backlash and negative reaction by the large number of Christian Bumiputera in Sarawak and upon knowing the facts that the majority of Sarawakians are non-Muslims.

He further explained that the action of “demonising” Christianity with such derogatory and offensive remarks was also insulting Islam indirectly, as the two religions are both related to one another.

According to Abdul Aziz, Christian and Islam shares very similar theory and both came from the Abrahamic religions.

“Let’s not fail to recognise the fact that Christianity has a very vital role in Quran itself and it should be regarded just how Islam should be.

“I urge all Malaysians to condemn such derogatory and offensive remarks. Malaysians must stand united against any attempt to create political discord that will break this country apart,” he said. — DayakDaily

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