PDP president: Are Dr M, Abdul Hadi trying to lead Malaysia into civil war?

Dato Sri Tiong King Sing

By Lian Cheng

KUCHING, May 11: Are both former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and PAS president Tan Sri Abdul Hadi Awang trying to destroy the unity of Malaysia and lead the nation into civil war?

This is the question raised by Progressive Democratic Party (PDP) president Dato Sri Tiong King Sing.

He said it was impossible that both Dr Mahathir and Abdul Hadi did not realise that the harmonious relations between the various races within the nation needed to be handled with care, considering that they are veteran political leaders.

For more than 60 years, Tiong said all ethnic groups in Malaysia have lived in a state of mutual respect and tolerance like one big family as “we are aware that we all live under the same ‘roof’”.

“But it’s different now. The two veterans were seen endlessly issuing racist statements. Would they like to see this extended family with intact relationships fall apart and head to civil war?” Tiong who is also Tourism, Arts and Culture Minister questioned in a statement.

He believed that all political parties need to refrain from making statements that are capable of damaging the image of the country by calling other parties “bribery givers”, “bribery takers” and “extremists” without solid evidence.

Making such baseless accusations, he said, will not only put Malaysia in a weak position in international trade relations, it will also shake the confidence of foreign investors and negatively impact the national economy. 

Tiong said such politics, which aims to gain popular support and power, and totally disregard the negative impact it has on the community and the nation, is dirty politics.

“Therefore, I would like to advise these two veterans, to retire early from the national political arena and enjoy their old age peacefully. 

“Don’t waste time and repeat the same old tricks. Do not repeatedly issue statements that stoke racial and religious sentiments,” said Tiong. — DayakDaily