Chinese national jailed 2 months and 6 days for drugs possession

The accused (left) with her counsel (right) talking outside the courtroom.

By Dorcas Ting

KUCHING, Feb 1: The Magistrate’s Court today sentenced a Chinese national to an imprisonment of two months and six days on charges of drugs possession.

Magistrate Zaiton Anuar ordered the sentence meted out on Yang Jinxia, 26, to take effect from the date of arrest on Nov 24, 2020.

The accused faced two charges under Section 12(2) of the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952.

Initially, when Yang was arrested on Nov 24, 2020, she was charged under Section 39B of the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952, which was drugs trafficking as a substance suspected to be 37.85 grams of Estacy was found.

The police team found one brown paper bag, one red coloured bag with a mixture of coffee powder and Ecstacy (about 37.85 gram), one white packet with a mixture of fruits juice and Ecstacy (about 41.40 grams) and one red transparent bag with Ketamine (about 2.84 grams).

The chemist showed that 0.54 grams of Ketamine, 1.11 grams of Ketamine and 1.28 grams of Ketamine were found in the seized bag.

Subsequently she was charged with possessing 1.28 grams and 1.65 grams of Ketamine respectively at a unit in Riverine Sapphire Condominium, at about 2.30 pm, on Oct 24, 2020.

Her counsel, Shankar Ram in his submission said that the drugs are called “papaya juice”, which comprises milk powder, orange juice powder and other fruit juices powder and the component of the impugned drug is only 0.59 grams.

He said the “papaya juice” is widely sold in the Sarawak market to the extent that West Malaysians would fly into Kuching just to try out the “papaya juice”.

He added his client had been charged under Section 39B of the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952 and detained in Puncak Borneo prison since she was arrested but the charges she was charged would attract only a fine of about RM2,000.

Therefore, he pleaded that the two months and six days that the accused was in detention be treated as a custodial sentence and she was not to be imposed with any fine. — DayakDaily