‘Budget will get final nod, as many MPs are Malays, natives who will gain the most’

Professor Dr Jayum Jawan

KUCHING, Nov 27: A political analyst Prof Dr Jayum Jawan believes that Budget 2021 will be passed in Parliament as most of the country’s MPs are Malays and indigenous.

As such, he added, the budget will be passed as it benefits the Malays and indigenous communities the most too.

“Why would the budget not be passed, would the majority of the Malays and to some extent indigenous MPs allow this to happen?

“Who would the budget benefit most? The answer has to be the Malays and to some extent the indigenous. I don’t mean it doesn’t benefit others,” Prof Jayum said in a statement issued here today.

He was responding to the comments made by the chief executive officer of the National Council of Professors (MPN) incorporated Prof Datuk Dr Raduan Che Rose, who had posted his remarks in the former’s Facebook.

Likewise, Prof Jayum asserted that those who would suffer the most if the budget is not passed will be the Malay and the indigenous communities as well.

“And who stands to suffer more? Again, the answer has to be the Malays/indigenous because they dominate the front-liners during this Covid-19 pandemic, the civil services (State and Federal), various government and government-related agencies, departments and firms.

“So, my simple argument, question, the proposition is: Do the Malays and the indigenous lawmakers want to make lives difficult for the Malays and indigenous communities who dominate in the above-mentioned sectors, and who also stand to benefit more if the budget is passed because the bulk of the budget addresses the rural folks who are in the majority, again, the Malays and indigenous,” he reiterated.

Prof Jayum warned that MPs who are against the budget will be punished by voters in the next general election (GE).

“Those who make it difficult, their days of judgment will come soon in the form of the coming GE and then they will pay heavily for putting their personal and political agenda above the welfare of the Malays and indigenous communities who make up or are the majority, whereby in Peninsular Malaysia, there are 125 Malay majority seats out of 166; in Sarawak, it is about 25 (less the six Chinese majority seats) and similarly about 22 in Sabah (after less of the 3 Chinese majority seats),” he said. – DayakDaily