Budget 2019: Sarawak deserves more, says Muara Tuang Rep

Dato Idris Buang

KUCHING, Nov 3: Muara Tuang Assemblyman Datuk Idris Buang called the 2019 Budget “a poor budget for Sarawak”.

With Sarawak being the one of the contributors to national revenue, he believed that its contribution should be recognised and reflected in the budget by financing rural infrastructure building.

“As the State whose enormous oil and gas is being exploited day and night to keep this nation afloat, they ought to give due weight and consideration to that fact.

“Bearing in mind the huge challenges being faced in the State to bring basic needs like electricity, water, healthcare, good schools and education etc to the interior and outer stretches, the federal government ought to make reasonable and meaningful provisions for these,” said Idris in a statement today.

In response to the Budget 2019 which was tabled by Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng yesterday, he again reminded the federal government of its obligations to build up Sarawak.

Idris pointed out that allocation for Sarawak was even less than that of Sabah.

“Sabah got at least RM700 million more, although Sarawak has more to catch up with other states in view of its geographical size and terrains.

“It seems that Sarawak Government under GPS (Gabungan Parti Sarawak) will have to shoulder the extra burden by itself and gather its own resources and strength in order to ensure that Sarawak will stand upright and move on with dignity,” said Idris. — DayakDaily