6-year-old boy escapes fire on his own

Firefighters checking the area to ensure the fire is fully controlled. 

by Nancy Nais

SRI AMAN, Sept 16: An alert six-year-old boy has managed to save himself on his own and escape from a burning unit of a longhouse this morning.

An early morning fire broke out at Rh Megau in Kampung Rapak Atas, Pantu destroying two units of houses.

One of it was occupied the boy and his parents.

“Based on initial investigations, the boy’s parents were away at their farm, while he was left alone when the fire occurred. He manage to run out of the house on his own,” Fire and Rescue department (Bomba) operations commander William Baheng told DayakDaily.

Two units in the Rh Megau in Kampung Rapak Atas, Pantu destroyed by fire.

Bomba received the emergency call at 6.45am and nine firefighters from Sri Aman fire station were dispatched to the scene.

Due to the 49 km distance between Sri Aman fire station and Rh Megau, volunteer firefighters (PBS) team from Lacau was dispatched to assist as they are much closer to the scene.

By the time firefighters arrived at 7.39am, villagers and PBS team had successfully controlled the fire from spreading.

The two units, with an estimated building area of 16 x 21 meter, were separated from the main longhouse, located just 20 feet away.

Firefighters conducted an overhaul to ensure that there are no more elements of the fire and the situation were safe.

There was no injuries or death reported. — DayakDaily