Yii: Proof of being Covid-19 negative before travelling key to stopping virus spread

Dr Kelvin Yii

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KUCHING, Feb 4: Those who wish to leave a Covid-19 red zone for essential services must first obtain a police permit, then get tested negative for the virus before getting the movement approval.

This is the view of Bandar Kuching MP Dr Kelvin Yii when he said this is only safe to ensure there are no asymptomatic cases who are potentially carrying the virus out of the zones especially to other rural areas.

“While I understand certain travels are needed especially for essential services, I believe it is important to have some safety measures to make sure those travelling out of red zones do not bring the virus out and spread to other zones in Sarawak.

“That is why I propose to Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) to take the proactive step to come out with a rule to compel those travelling out of red zones to other places in Sarawak to undergo a Covid-19 test before being granted permission to travel outside,” he said in a statement today.

Although the additional requirement to have proof of negative Covid-19 test results could be inconvenient, he said this is vital in preserving the yellow and green zones in the state.

He was responding to a local news article reporting a total of 9,177 police permits approved from Jan 25 to 29 only in Sibu, one of Sarawak’s Covid-19 red zones as of today.

On a related issue, Dr Yii said applications for police permits should be made easier by uploading necessary documents for approval before they get their Covid-19 swab tests.

“It is not just important to protect the health of those in different zones, but also the economic activities in those areas. If we see a surge of cases in that particular area, the economic activities in the area will also be significantly affected.

“That is why SDMC should take the proactive step and take precautions so that possible ‘loopholes’ can be covered for the good of the public in Sarawak,” he said.—DayakDaily