Voon refutes allegation of PBK, party leaders getting financial rewards during 12th Sarawak Election

Voon (centre) flanked by Peter (left) and Lue during a press conference today.

KUCHING, Dec 21: Parti Bumi Kenyalang (PBK) president Voon Lee Shan has refuted allegations that he and other party leaders received huge financial rewards during the campaigning period of the 12th Sarawak Election.

He challenged those who made what he termed to be “baseless accusations” to reveal themselves to the public.

“The allegations are not true. This shows that they are irresponsible people.

“Come out in the open and show the evidence,” he told reporters during a press conference today.

Voon was answering a question by a reporter who queried if the party had been supported by some tycoons and if allegations of huge financial rewards were true.

Voon claimed that 12th Sarawak Election was “unfair” as there were irresponsible practices and illegal approaches employed by certain parties against the party during the campaigning period of the election.

As a result, he believed the party was a victim of baseless accusations and unfair practices by certain parties during the campaigning period which resulted in the party losing support and the 73 seats it contested in.

He also claimed that there were “suspicious people” loitering around longhouses, villages and houses of the party’s candidates during the campaigning period which “created fear for voters to come out to vote”, adding that it also caused a low voter turnout in certain constituencies.

Voon also claimed that PBK’s candidates were “followed by unknown characters” wherever they were campaigning.

Apart from that, Voon claimed that some opposition parties have also attacked PBK for its struggle to gain independence for Sarawak.

In the meantime, Voon pointed out that PBK will still pursue its vision and mission in the next State Election.

Among those present at the press conference were PBK vice president Peter Asut and PBK southern zone’s director of operation Lue Cheng Hing. — DayakDaily