Two missing after boat sinks in remote Baram

SAR personnel is using water surface techniques during the search for the missing man and boy.

By Malcolm Lau

KUCHING, Aug 17: A man and a boy, aged 47 and 14 respectively, are missing after their boat capsized in a river not far from SK Long Aton, Baram on Aug 15.

The incident happened when the two missing people together with three other individuals were netting fish on the river. While making their way way back to the shore around 9.30pm, their boat hit some rocks which damaged the boat causing it to sink.

The three individuals managed to save themselves but the two missing people were carried away by the strong river current. One of the companions later swam to shore and reported the incident to the school principal.

It took a Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) team approximately 10 hours to reach the scene using a car. A search and rescue (SAR) operation was activated to locate the two missing people.

The SAR team used water surface techniques from a boat to search within a 4km-radius. The search was also conducted downstream heading towards Kampung Long Sobeng.

The search is ongoing. As of press time, the missing man and boy have yet to be found. — DayakDaily