174 compounds issued for non Covid-19 SOP compliance in Samarahan

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By Jacob Achoi

KOTA SAMARAHAN, Aug 17: A total of 174 compounds were issued to both individuals and business premises in Samarahan for flouting the standard operating procedure (SOP) under the Covid-19 prevention measures.

Kota Samarahan district police chief DSP Sudirman Kram said the compounds issued to individuals were because of not complying to physical distancing, while for business premises for not providing hand sanitiser, body temperature check and the particulars in the log book not properly recorded.

“Since the outbreak of Covid 19 and the SOP announced by the government, police in Samarahan have issued 174 compounds to both individuals and business premises for not complying with the rules.

“And we will continue to monitor and carry out operation to ensure that the SOP is fully complied with because our ultimate goal is to break the chain of Covid-19 outbreak,” he told a press conference today.

He has attended a Covid-19 awareness and responsibility programme at Farley supermarket, organised by Kota Samarahan Municipal Council (KSMC).

Sudirman pointed out that Kota Samarahan police have set up six task forces to specifically carry out operation and monitor that the SOP be complied.

According to him, the compliance towards the SOP in Samarahan was satisfactory, but stressed that operation will continue.

“From Samarahan until Sadong Jaya, we have carried out operations and the compliance with the SOP is satisfactory.

“But we are not going to stop here until the Covid-19 pandemic is over,” he said, adding that issuing compounds was not meant to trouble the people, but more towards educating them.

Meanwhile, KSMC chairman Datuk Peter Minos said nine arrests were made last night in Samarahan for not complying with SOP.-DayakDaily