Tiong chides Chong for justifying Dapsy’s “reckless behavior”

Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing.

KUCHING, Aug 23: Bintulu MP Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing has criticised the Democratic Action Party (DAP) chairman Chong Chieng Jen for justifying the DAP Socialist Youth (Dapsy)’s action involving Kuching’s road signage, likening it to an “arrogant and naive” act.

According to Tiong, besides advocating a gangster-like behavior among his rank-and-file, Chong, as a legal professional, even ignored social mores and failed to consider federal, state and local regulations.

“Speaking as a Chinese Malaysian, I also hope there will be Chinese characters on our local road signage. But we ought to use civilised methods, rule of law and struggle justly for the rights and interests of all ethnic groups, including those of the Chinese community, instead of resorting to such reckless behavior.

“Taking the law into their own hands only displayed the wrong example to our young people.

“As a Malaysian of Chinese descent, I am also very sorry and disappointed to see the current situation. Chong needs to take full responsibility and not try to justify what has been done,” he said in a press statement today.

Furthermore, Tiong added, Chong, as a lawyer, should understand that his suggestions should be channeled through civilised and legal avenues.

He said the Dapsy’s actions have violated local laws, to the extent that the North Kuching City Hall (DBKU) had demanded the removal of the stickers and a public apology from the Dapsy.

“As the state chairman, Chong should have known better; the DAP owes all races a good explanation,” he said.

Tiong, who is also the Progressive Democratic Party (PDP) president, also questioned Chong’s attempt to justify the Dapsy’s action as a way to maintain Sarawak’s multiculturalism.

He said that it is the DAP’s abuse of the freedoms of speech and behavior that has caused the relationship between the different ethnic groups to regress from the harmony of the past to the current situation today.

“It is this kind of excessive approach by the Dapsy that has increased the hostility of the other ethnic groups against the Chinese. The culprit is none other than the anarchic highhandedness of the DAP.

“It is unreasonable to express their demands in a way that is indistinguishable from hooligans. If this type of situation is not resolved amenably, it will likely lead to more friction with the other races and racial disharmony will return to take hold. What about their talk of multiculturalism then?” said Tiong.

Pointing out his experiences of being a politician for nearly 20-years, he said, from the beginning of his political career, the people of this country had gotten along harmoniously and all ethnic groups have been courteous, considerate, and tolerant to each other.

Then in the 2000s, he said some politicians began to push for open democracy, including unbridled freedom of speech, basing their arguments on Western ideals, to which he did not agree with at the time and believed that that democracy and freedom must have bottom lines and certain restraints.

He said DAP had used this political platform without a care for any consequences and stopping at no bottom line and would not “hesitate to play rough and use incendiary words, including misleading the people and poisoning the thinking of young people, especially those of Chinese descent”.

“In creating disputes and manipulating the law to their own ends, the most miserable people in the end are those who are deceived. Perhaps these young people believe these to be noble actions but in fact, they were acting unreasonably. Is there any hope for the young people when they are led to mistake lawlessness for noble acts?” he asked.

At the same time, Tiong also insisted that all ethnic groups should have the right to express their wishes but it must be done in a civilised and legal manner.

“The wakil rakyat’s responsibility is to assist in getting the people’s demands addressed properly, not to fan social disorder and participate in upsetting social harmony and plunge our lives in chaos,” he added. –DayakDaily.