Thanks to fire safety training, longhouse residents in Roban put out fire themselves

Firefighters and Rh Bundan Metong longhouse residents inspecting the remains of the burned mattress.

SARATOK, Jan 31: Thanks to the fire safety and prevention training taught in one of Sarawak Fire and Rescue department’s (Bomba) Summer Camps, residents of Rumah Bundan Metong in Roban knew how to save their longhouse from being razed to the ground.

Saratok Fire and Rescue department (Bomba) in a statement said that they received an emergency call at 7.10 pm and had dispatched a team of 10 firefighters from Bomba Saratok led by PBK II Mahda Hj Mos, including five others from Bomba Sg Ruan, and department senior officer PpgB Nazry Mohamat were rushed to the scene.

“After arriving, firefighters learned that the incident involved a mattress which caught on fire in room No.2 after a kerosene lamp fall on it. The flame had already been put-out by the longhouse residents with a fire extinguisher,” the statement revealed.

It was understood that the longhouse leader was one of the participants in the Bomba Summer Camp organised in 2017 by Bomba Saratok and the fire extinguishing equipment used in the incident was also given during the program. —DayakDaily.