Telang Usan District loses green zone status despite road block

Road block initiated by the local community at Long Lama. (Photo courtesy of Dennis Ngau).

By Lian Cheng

KUCHING, Jan 25: Despite a road block, Telang Usan District today registers one Covid-19 positive case and loses its green zone status.

The case saddened Telang Usan assemblyman Dennis Ngau who expressed regrets that Telang Usan did not manage to keep its green zone status.

In an attempt to ensure that the district maintained its green status, a road block has been set up at Long Lama at the point of passage way which has been used by people to travel from Lawas and Limbang to Miri and vice versa since the Brunei-Sarawak border has been closed.

“It is sad to hear that we are no longer a green zone. But prior to this, we have already set up a road block at Long Lama.

“We know we are situated at a point where we may be exposed to the pandemic. It is our own initiative to set up the road block and we have the Rela people and the police to come and help.

Long Lama road block. Despite being a community initiated road block, the Rela and the police are willing to chip in this initiative. (Photo courtesy of Dennis Ngau).

“We are doing what we can to keep ourselves safe from this pandemic,” Dennis told DayakDaily.

He said this road block is in addition to the road block set up at Sungai Liam of Marudi District by Marudi assemblyman Datuk Penguang Manggil.

On this first Covid-19 case in Telang Usan District, Dennis explained that the patient has been admitted to the hospital.

“He is working at the Agriculture Station of Long San. He contracted the virus from his colleague who is also an agricultural officer.  But he has since been hospitalised.

“His colleague is believed to have contracted the disease from the Rakut Cluster,” said Dennis. — DayakDaily