Tanker lorry driver cheated death

Bomba personnel trying to wash the spilled palm oil from the road at the accident site.

TATAU, Aug 18: A palm oil tanker lorry driver cheated death when the fully loaded vehicle tipped to its side several feet away from a deep ravine along Pan Borneo Highway at Tatau this morning.

The driver, 48-year-old Mohd Syamsul Abdullah was maneuvering his lorry around a narrow corner of the stretch of highway which is under construction before it tipped to its left, almost falling into a deep ravine by the roadside.

A distress call was sent to the Tatau Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) at around 8.20am. The Bomba team reached the scene around 9.53am.

An oil palm tanker lorry tipped to the side on Pan Borneo Highway in Tatau this morning (Aug 18, 2019).

Syamsul came away from the incident unscathed.

However, gallons of palm oil had spilled from the tanker onto the road surface during the accident.  To ensure the safety of other road users, the Bomba personnel tried to wash away the spilled palm oil on the road.

Contractors of Pan Borneo Highway construction later lend a helping hand by laying sand over the stretch of affected road surface.— DayakDaily