Straight fight between BN-PRS and PH-PKR in Kanowit

Ago (fourth right) will see a straight fight with Satu (fifth right).

KANOWIT, April 28: Barisan Nasional-Parti Rakyat Sarawak’s (BN-PRS) Datuk Aaron Ago Dagang will face-off with Pakatan Harapan-Parti Keadilan Rakyat’s (PH-PKR) Satu Anchom in a straight fight in Kanowit.

Aaron, 59, has held Kanowit since 2004 for PRS. In the 2008 general election, he even won unopposed.

From second right: Gramong, Alexander , Aaron and Allan waiting for Kanowit Civic Centre, the nomination centre for Kanowit to open this morning.

Known as a quiet fellow and somewhat of a lone wolf within the party, he took over the seat from former Energy, Communications and Multimedia Minister Tan Sri Leo Moggie.

Aaron has proved to be a high performer by maximising fully his MP allocation for his constituency.

Former Machan assemblyman Gramong Juna and his son who is the incumbent Machan assemblyman Allan Gramong as well as Ngemah assemblyman Alexander Vincent were among Aaron’s huge group of supporters this morning during nomination.

Meanwhile, nothing much is known yet about PKR candidate Satu. — DayakDaily