All in the family in Baram as uncle faces nephew for the second time

Baram will see a family face-off between Anyi (third right) and his nephew Roland (third left). Anyi has the support of Mulu Assemblyman Datuk Gerawat Gala (second right) and Penguang (first right).

MARUDI, April 28: Baram will see a family face-off between Barisan Nasional-Progressive Democratic Party (BN-PDP) candidate Anyi Ngau and his nephew Roland Enggan from Pakatan Harapan-Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PH-PKR).

This is history repeating itself except there is no independent candidate this time round.

The first time was a tough fight for Anyi in the 2013 general election. He won by a razor thin margin of only 194 votes and that happened because another former PKR member Patrick Sibat Sujang joined the fray as an independent and managed to split the opposition vote by 363.

Anyi (fifth right) and his supporters marching towards the Baram nomination centre this morning in the company of BN leaders Penguang (fourth right) and Dennis Ngau (second right).

Baram which comprises Marudi, Telang Usan and Mulu, is quite a different story now.

According to Marudi assemblyman Datuk Penguang Manggil, the political landscape of the parliamentary constituency has changed.

He said in 2013, the area was bogged down by many issues, among them the building of the Baram Dam.

“However, within these few years, the political landscape has total changed.”

“We (BN) won in all the state seats in Baram in the 2016 state election. And during that time, BN actually fielded new faces for two out of the three constituencies.

“I am very confident that Anyi will be able to defend this seat this time because I believe he will win in at least two constituencies out of the three,” Penguang who is rendering his support for Anyi told DayakDaily today. — DayakDaily