SPA: Don’t send staff with disciplinary problems to Sarawak

Datuk John Lau Pang Heng

KUCHING, July 14: Sarawak should not be made a ‘dumping ground’ for officers and managers who have integrity and ethical issues, according to Sarawak Patriots Association (SPA).

SPA chairman Datuk John Lau said if these outsiders come to Sarawak to disrupt unity, then it is better to ask them not to come at all.

“These are the crocodiles who come in quietly. We are nice to feed them and when the time is right, they will just swallow us,” Lau said in a statement today.

He claimed that SPA also learned that many external organisations, be it government or private, made it a practice to transfer senior staff to Sarawak as a form of disciplinary action.

“Because their senior staff have disciplinary issues, the organisation chooses to transfer them to Sarawak instead of terminating them,” he said.

He also opined that many private companies whose head offices are located outside Sarawak, have a different style of customer service.

“Sarawak-based companies are more friendly and easy to negotiate. Non-Sarawak companies are very ‘sales’ oriented,” he added.

Referring to Professor Dr Jayum Jawan’s speech at a recent forum titled “Are we more united as a nation after GE14”, Lau said if these organisations treat Sarawak as equal partners in Malaysia, then they should transfer their best senior staff to manage their organisation in this state.

Jayum, an academician from Sarawak who is now with the Human Ecology Department at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) was quoted as saying Peninsular Malaysia remains a stumbling block in achieving unity in Malaysia.

Lau added that if these outsiders come to Sarawak to disrupt unity, then it is better to tell them not to come.

“Sarawak enjoys a great racial and religious harmony and Sarawakians are united always. As and when Sarawak is influenced by ‘bad habits’ from outside Sarawak, our peaceful racial harmony may be affected,” Lau said in the statement. — DayakDaily