SPA: Tg Piai voters made the ‘smart’ choice

Datuk John Lau Pang Heng

KUCHING, Nov 17: Sarawak Patriots Association (SPA) believes that Barisan Nasional’s (BN) win over Pakatan Harapan (PH) in the just-concluded Tanjung Piai by-election is because voters are getting smart.

SPA chairman Datuk John Lau Pang Heng opined voters are no longer patient to wait for a New Malaysia as the PH government always seems to have reasons to ‘U-turn’ in their promises to the people.

“Chinese voters rejected the Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) in the 2018 general election, but this time the Chinese voted for MCA.


“They are not happy with PH over many issues such as (recognition of) Unified Examination Certificate (UEC), Dr Zakir Naik, the bailout of FELDA, Tabung Haji, and toll rate not reduced or abolished,” he opined.

Lau in a statement today, expressed belief that Chinese voters are frustrated with PH’s constantly changing decisions.

“So, the Tanjung Piai Chinese showed their unhappiness by casting their votes for a political party that they have rejected before.

“The result was not due to the pact between the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) and Parti Islam Se-Malaysia (PAS), or because BN (Barisan Nasional) is doing better.

“SPA feels that PH lost in Tanjung Piai due to non-Bumiputera voters who would like to teach PH a lesson and thus, the shift from PH to BN.”

Lau opined that voters were also angry with the PH government which has so far not addressed increasing living costs and PH’s poor performance in delivering the reforms promised in the lead-up to last year’s general election.

According to him, people are also tired of racist politics and extremism.

“We are Malaysians, and we appreciate we are being recognised and treated as Malaysians.

“The citizens in this country are tired of continuous in-fighting between some federal political leaders for power.”

He pointed out that PH leaders have forgotten about their promises during the GE14.

“These PH leaders have settled into their comfort zones, enjoyed perks, travel, loved their food with overseas fugitives. They thought they are very important people as they have bodyguards; they have forgotten that the people are their boss.

“The people’s needs have changed and what the people need is for promises made to be delivered, the change for the better taking place, and the government doing away with a bureaucratic style of running the government,” he added.

Lau congratulated BN candidate Datuk Seri Dr Wee Jeck Seng for being elected as a Member of Parliament for Tanjung Piai with a majority of 15,086. — DayakDaily