Sibu town to experience water supply interruption tomorrow

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SIBU, Feb 18: Most parts of the town will experience water supply interruption tomorrow for up to 12 hour starting at 8pm.

Sibu Water Board (SWB) in a statement today the water supply interruption is to facilitate the board to carry out repair works on a 750mm diameter mild steel pipe leaking at the junction of Jalan Belatok, off Jalan Salim.

“The repair work will start at 8pm and is expected to take 12 hours to complete if the weather permits, or else it will be carried forward to the next day,” it said.

The Board said some areas will have no water supply during the course of the work.

Area affected included Jln. Stabau/Jln. Kong Yit Khim until Jln. Nibong Tada (included Jln. Bukit Penyau, Jln. Senangin, SWB Stabau Booster and JBALB Nibong Tada Booster), Jln. Durin Kiba, Jln. Durin Bazaar, Jln. KJD, Jln. Upper Durin, Jln. Lower Durin, Jln. Naman, and Jln. Sg. Pak.

Other areas are Jln. Salim until Jln. Wong King Huo (included Lrg. Salim 28, Jln. Kiew Nang, Jln. Helang, Jln. Siol, Lrg. Salim 19, Lrg. Salim 18, Jln. Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce L/20, L/28 and L/32, Flat Farley, Farley Supermarket, Sing Kwong Supermarket Salim, Jln. Sentosa, Lrg. Salim 5, Jln. Kenari, Jln. Maludan, Jln. Poh Yew, Jln. Belatok, Jln. Bukit Lima Timur, Jln. Saujana and Medan Mall), Jln. Pedada until Jln. Dr. Wong Soon Kai (included Rejang Medical Centre and Delta Mall), Jln. Pelangi, Jln. Oya L/25-L/31, Jln.
Maling, Jln. Kiong Tung, Jln. Diong Kik ( included KFC and Li Hua Hotel), Jaya Li Hua (whole shop house at Jln. Pahlawan and terminal bus), Jln. Old Oya, Jln. RTM, Taman Swan City, Jln. Unggas, Jln. Sena, Jln. Kandis, Jln. Payung and Jln. Seladah). Jln. Ling Kai Cheng until Ling Kai Cheng/Ulu Sg. Merah Roundabout (included Jln. Nang Sang, Jln. Apollo, Jln. Kulas, Jln. Lilin, Jln. Kuang and Lrg. Ulu Sg. Merah 8 until Lrg. 36), Jln. Lada until Sibu Town and whole kampung area (included Jln. Sukun, Jln. Then Kung Suk, Jln. Lanang Barat, Jln. Upper Lanang, Jln. Mantis, Jln. Lanang, Jln. Tekam, Jln. Selangan, Jln. Bunga Mawar, Jln. Kpg. Nyabor, Tanahmas Hotel, Kingwood Hotel, Premier Hotel, Kawan Hotel, Paramount Hotel, Jln. Delta, Jln. Kuda, Kpg. Nangka, Kpg. Hilir and Kpg. Dato).

Other areas affected are Jln. Brooke Drive until Jln. Teng Chin Hua (included KPJ, SWB Deshon Booster, Jln. Old Airport, Jln. Tiong Hin and SWB Teku Booster) 9. Jln. Quarry until Jln. Pasai Siong (included Jln. Indah, Jln. Miden, Jln. Tebu, Jln. Teku, Kpg. Bahagia Jaya, Jln. Rantau Panjang Jaya, Jln. Rantau Panjang and SWB Pasai Siong Booster), Jln. Wawasan until Bawang Assan (included Jln. Serai, Jln. Setia, Jln. Wawasan and Sungai Bidut), Jln. Teku Lama until Jln. Ding Lik Kong (included Sg. Merah, Jln. Teku Barat and Jln. Igan).

For queries, customers can call SWB hotline on 084216311. — DayakDaily