Short-lived escape as suspected drug addict nabbed for robbery

The suspect who was apprehended by RC personnel.

MIRI, Sept 24: A man, believed to be under the influence of drugs, trespassed into a family home in Pujut 7B here as they watched television on Saturday afternoon (Sept 22).

The incident happened around 3pm.

According to a source, the man gained entry through the back door of the house, before entering a room belonging to one of the family’s daughter.

Two of the victim’s young daughters were resting inside the room, unaware of the suspect’s presence and with one of them occupied on her desktop computer.

Once inside the room, the suspect snatched a handphone being used by one of the girls and fled from the house.

Terrified and stunned, both the daughters screamed for help which alerted their 41-year-old father who was in the living room. He tried to intercept the suspect but failed.

“I immediately called up the Residents’ Committee (RC) of Pujut, Saberkas, Piasau and Permyjaya for help to track down the suspect, as I believed he was still hiding nearby,” said the house owner.

Upon arrival at the scene, RC members immediately mounted a search for the suspect, and eventually found him near a junction at Pujut 7.

The suspect was aggressive when the RC crew apprehended him. They handed him over to the police for further action.

During the arrest, the handphone belonging to the victim’s daughter was recovered. — DayakDaily