Senator proposes Sarawak collects own sales tax to offset federal tax paid

Senator Robert Lau

KUCHING, Jan 16: Senator Robert Lau Hui Yew has proposed that Sarawak collect its own sales tax to offset the federal tax paid.

In a statement today, Lau said it is time for Sarawak to collect its own sales tax and the amount paid by Sarawakians and Sarawak-based companies.

“This tax should then be offset with the national tax payment. Sarawak has its own Comptroller of tax.

“Use the power. This can be part of what is due to Sarawak under Article 112 C and D of the Federal Constitution,” he said.

According to Lau, Sarawak has to get what it deserves, and the State’s equal partnership status must be reflected in substance.

“Financial grants and development fund distributions must be based on equal partnership,” he added.

Meanwhile, Lau opined Sarawak has to make sure to have its own financial and economic independence.

He noted that the 2022 Budget shows a gap of more than RM100 billion between spending and revenue, and the national debt stands at almost RM1 trillion.

“Sarawak has a surplus fund and we must ensure that it is well looked after,” he said. ― DayakDaily