Report lodged against man who threatened Masing in WhatsApp group

Kudi (third right) and other PRS leaders holding a police report in front of the Kapit police station this morning after lodging a report against an individual who threatened to behead Masing.

KUCHING, May 15: A police report was lodged today against an individual who threatened to behead Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Dr James Jemut Masing.

According to Nicholas Kudi Jantai who lodged the police report on behalf of PRS, deemed the threat as dangerous and extreme.

“So we leave it to the police to investigate the individual concerned and that the necessary and appropriate action should be taken against the individual concerned as he threaten to behead the deputy chief minister Sarawak,” said the political secretary to the chief minister when  contacted by DayakDaily today.

He said that the threat was made by the individual in a WhatsApp chat group called ‘Lasan Politik Hulu Rajang’ yesterday.

In the posting cited by Kudi, who is also a PRS central youth committee member, the person concerned criticised Masing for constructing the Bakun HEP Dam, claiming that it did not bring any benefit to the people living below the dam, but potential disaster instead.

Meanwhile, when contacted, Masing who is also Minister of Infrastructure and Port Development said that the person concerned had the right to express his opinions on the pros and cons of Bakun HEP but not to threaten physical harm.

“I can appreciate his criticism. But he has no right, under Malaysian laws, to threaten anybody physically. The laws must come down hard on people who want to take laws to their own hands,” said Masing.

Masing, who is also Baleh state assemblyman, stated that he was not the sole decision maker behind building Bakun HEP.

“I’m just one of the many who thinks Bakun HEP is good for Sarawak and Malaysia,” added Masing.—DayakDaily