Rep to work harder to show Batu Kitang constituents he is the real deal

Lo Khere Chiang

By Lian Cheng

KUCHING, Dec 30: Batu Kitang assemblyman Lo Khere Chiang will work harder to defend the seat in the face of stiff competition from Sarawak Pakatan Harapan (PH).

He said he was fully aware of a potential candidate from PH constantly moving and working hard on the ground.

“Like any other party in any constituency, I know there is a possible contender for the seat. I just have to work harder to convince my voters that they had made the right choice,” Lo told DayakDaily yesterday.

He said in Batu Kitang, race and religion did not matter as it all boiled down to “who can deliver”.

Lo was responding to the question if he felt the threat from DAP Youth leader Abdul Aziz Isa, who has been seen moving on the ground in Batu Kitang.

Lo who is a leader with Sarawak United Peoples’ Party managed to win the new seat of Batu Kitang in the Sarawak Election 2016 in a five-cornered fight.

The first-term assemblyman polled 6,466 votes against PKR Voon Shiak Ni’s 883 votes, DAP Abdul Aziz’s 4,624 votes, Independent Othman Bojeng 54 votes and Sulaiman Kadir 61 votes.

“I will just do my part and try to help as many of my constituents as possible. As the government of the day, this is what we should do,” said Lo, who is also Padawan Municipal Council chairman.

On the many sarcastic remarks online criticising MPP, Lo replied that he was not bothered by them and took it as a positive sign “because I love my job”.

“We will reply to all and reply in all honesty. If there is a problem, there must be a reason. We have to find out what is the reason.

“I don’t mind the sarcastic remarks. When people are upset, there must be a reason to it. And it is good that they raise the issues. It means an opportunity for us to solve the problem. I will see the positive side of it.

In fact, he stressed that he welcomed all the constructive criticisms and suggestions.

“We are after all human beings, and we are not perfect. It will be good that some of them are willing to share their thoughts and suggestions to solve the problems with MPP.

“We want good ideas from the public. We are actually happy to accept them through Facebook and WhatsApp,” said Lo. — DayakDaily