Proposed urban park to transform Kenyalang Park’s landscape

Dr Sim (left) and Wee showing the proposal for the urban park of Kenyalang Park.

By Lian Cheng and Ling Hui

KUCHING, Aug 22:  The Local Government and Housing Ministry is proposing to turn a 10-acre open space in Kenyalang Park into an urban park under the Urban Park Regeneration Programme.

In explaining the proposal today, both Local Government and Housing Minister Datuk Seri Dr Sim Kui Hian and Kuching South City Council (MBKS) mayor Datuk Wee Hong Seng said the park will change the whole environment of Kenyalang Park.

“We want to really bring something concrete and good for the people instead of getting involved in some issues that do not bring any benefits for the people.

“We looked at some existing old places. There is a 10-acre open space that has been there for quite some time – the open space (in Kenyalang Park), the Traffic Garden and the Recreation Garden are stand alone places, all by itself and not connected.  The spaces are not maximised,” Dr Sim told DayakDaily.

The idea thus came to him and Wee that effort should be put to link the three places and turn them into a spacious urban park for the residents of Kenyalang Park to enjoy.

Both are now looking forward to see how eventually the project will turn up, when finally the urban park is put into place in stages.

The proposed urban park at Kenyalang Park (highlighted green) is about 10 acres in size when completed.

“Imagine a 10-acre open park at Kenyalang. It is enormous,  I am happy that the open space is not commercialised because it will be a park,” said Dr Sim.

He said the park which is seated on invaluable land area, right in Kenyalang Park, will be a recreational and healthy living area and the land mark for Kenyalang Park in the future.

The Urban Park according to Dr Sim will be adorned with an entrance pavilion, bridges and crossovers.  There will be also be footpaths linking the residential areas surrounding it as well as facilities such as toilets, sheds and new park lighting.

Meanwhile, Dr Sim and Wee both encouraged Sarawakians to use “plastic wrapper” for facial mask.

“I noticed that when people sit down to have food, some put their facial masks on the table, others inside their bags or their pockets.  For those putting their facial masks on the table, we wonder whether such way of treating face masks is hygienic.

“So we found this plastic wrapper which is very convenient and it is an easy way to put away your masks when you are having your food,” said Wee.

As such, MBKS is in the midst of looking into mass production so that Sarawakians, especially Kuchingites may have access to it to keep face masks hygienic when temporarily taking it down.-DayakDaily