Political pundit: Fed ruling coalition to suffer backlash if GE15 called this year

Dato Peter Minos

KUCHING, Sept 21: A local political pundit believes that the Federal ruling coalition will suffer a backlash if UMNO insists on calling for a snap general election end of this year.

Datuk Peter Minos expressed bewilderment over individuals in UMNO who are pressuring and pressing Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri to hold the 15th General Election (GE15) as soon as possible this year, either in November or even October, in total disregard over anticipated rainy season and flooding.

“These UMNO people appear very desperate as if they cannot wait for another day, leading to some commenting that the ‘court cluster’ group are behind the desperate move to save their own skin from the wrath of the courts,” said Minos in a statement today.

To him, any decision made under pressure or duress will usually be a bad one, just like one made in anger.

He held that those pressuring the prime minister to meet their demands are not doing it right. Instead, it would be wise to let the prime minister meet and consult those who matter and give the latter the space and time to decide.

“He will definitely consult UMNO, being the VP of the party.

“If people are not ready for GE15 because the nation has just recovered from the Covid-19 pandemic and the economic recovery is just taking shape and an election is called, people will be displeased or even angry.

“Worse still would be to hold an election during the season of heavy rain and serious flooding. People will blame it all on the ruling government. A backlash will come about,” said Minos.

He said Parliament will only expire by September next year and questioned the reasons for the rush to hold a snap election.

“Why the big hurry? Why push and pressure the prime minster so heavily and so openly until some even had to call for respect for the prime minster — ‘hormat lah PM sikit’ (give some respect to the PM please),” said Minos who is also the chairman for Kota Samarahan Municipal Council.

“Do not underestimate the prime minister, who may deep inside resent being pressured and in a way, being bullied. He may just decide that GE15 will be held next year,” said Minos. — DayakDaily