Police acted according to SOP, did not invade Haziq family home — Kuching OCPD

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KUCHING: The police acted according to standard operating procedure (SOP) and did not abuse its authority when carrying out checks at the family home of Haziq Abdul Aziz.

Kuching District Police Chief ACP Awang Din Awang Gani refuted claims that the authorities had invaded the property of Haziq’s father Abdul Aziz Ibrahim.

In a statement issued today, Awang Din said his men were following procedure after receiving orders from Bukit Aman yesterday (June 13) to track down Haziq following a police report.

This to record statements as part of an investigation of the alleged gay sex video involving himself and Economic Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali.

“A team of policemen consisting two senior officers and three constables went to Abdul Aziz’s residence on June 13 at around 5.20pm to track down his son Haziq to assist investigations.

“The men believed that the owner was home because the vehicle was parked in the car porch. The officers called out to Abdul Aziz for several minutes outside the gate but there was no answer.

“As such, the police had to enter through the gate, which was not locked,” Awang Din said.

Upon reaching the door, police personnel again called out to Abdul Aziz who eventually opened the front door. His men introduced themselves and stated their intentions, while also showing their authority cards.

The police chief said his men were then let into the house and managed to conduct a search as well as take statements from Abdul Aziz and the rest of the family members.

“The senior officer leading the team then filed in his report at the Kuching District Police Headquarters at around 7.09pm the same day,” he continued.

He also acknowledged receiving a police report from Abdul Aziz at around 1.13am today, alleging home intrusion by people claiming to be policemen.

“We would like to stress that my men carried out their duties according to the standard operating procedure and deny any elements of power abuse,” stressed Awang Din.

Meanwhile, Haziq was arrested at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) around 5.30pm today and his lawyer Ramesh Sivakumar confirmed the arrest.

Haziq managed to be contacted briefly by various news outlets during his arrest, saying that he was being brought to an unspecified location by the police. — DayakDaily