Plenty of business opportunities to export agro products to other countries at Sarawak Fama Fest 2023

Ramli Mat Sani

KUCHING, Feb 17: The Federal Agriculture Marketing Authority (FAMA) Sarawak deputy director (operation) Ramli Mat Sani is urging the business community to conduct product matching with foreign importers specially invited to attend the Sarawak Fama Fest 2023 (SAFF 2023) in Miri.

These importers specialise in agro-based and agricultural products from Brunei, Thailand, Hong Kong and China, he explained.

“If business owners here are ready to import and export, we urge them to come and meet these invited importers.

“These importers can assist and provide information on how our agricultural products can be exported to these countries,” he said during the press conference on Sarawak Fama Fest (SAFF) 2023 programmes in Miri.

Ramli opined that it would be a loss to the business community if they
miss the opportunity to meet these foreign importers and agro-based product experts.

He revealed that FAMA would bring in 222 Store Keeping Units (SKU) listed agro-based industry (IAT) products by 28 agro-based vendors and 88 fresh agriculture products during the festival.

“This opportunity is also targeted to business owners of our major supermarkets to visit the festival and to do product matching. They might find products that are not available on their supermarket shelves,” he said.

“The festival is a good platform for these members of the business community to give more choices for customers and also how to get to export and import,” he said.

SAFF 2023 Miri will be held at Bintang Mega Mall from Feb 23-26 from 10am to 10pm. — DayakDaily