Peter Minos: Sarawakians, expect the unexpected during Covid-19 endemic

Dato Peter Minos (file pic)

KUCHING, Sept 8: Sarawakians will have to ‘expect the unexpected’ especially when Covid-19 becomes endemic, a disease that is regularly present within the community, says political pundit Dato Peter Minos.

“With Covid-19, anything goes. Expect the unexpected,” he said.

Amidst recent talk that Sarawak has no choice but to live with Covid-19, he suggested seeing how the matter progresses in the coming months and years as things are everchanging due to the virus.

Minos also noted the pandemic fatigue experienced by many people after battling and coping with the coronavirus for 18 long months.

“Now on the 19th month, the invisible, deadly virus is not going away and, in fact, is on a renewed surge and rampage against all of us, exhausting and exasperating both the people and government,” he said in a statement today.

He opined Covid-19 cannot be wiped out even with a 100 per cent vaccination rate and strict compliance with standard operating procedures (SOPs).

While nothing is for certain at the moment, he urged everyone to prepare for the unforeseen. — DayakDaily