Peter Minos: Sarawak PH leaders couldn’t care less

Dato Peter Minos

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KUCHING, Oct 13: Political observer Datuk Peter Minos has questioned Sarawak Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) chief Baru Bian for not fighting for federal funding for native customary rights (NCR) land surveys under the 2020 Budget.

“In the previous administration there were certain (allocations) for NCR land surveying in the national Budget because legal titles were much needed and wanted by NCR landowners. Can we expect Baru Bian to speak up on this issue after this?,” asked Peter in a statement issued here today.

He stressed that as long as NCR land is not legally titled, it remains unsafe and of little value.

“Just like a person without his or her MyKad. Legal titles are badly needed and it is obligatory for the government to help out, as it did in the past. Now the PH (Paktan Harapan) federal government seems to not give any regard or importance to titled NCR land by not giving any funding in the 2020 budget.”

According to Minos, Baru being a Dayak and as a federal minister should seriously speak up for Sarawak, especially on the zero allocation in the 2020 budget for NCR land surveys.

“His silence will be interpreted and treated as not bothering about this issue anymore for reasons of perhaps not wanting to displease his PH masters or fearing of jeopardising his position or playing it super safe,” alleged Peter.

The Kota Samarahan Municipal Council chairman and former Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) information chief also questioned Sarawak PH chairman and Deputy Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Chong Chieng Jen for not doing enough for Sarawak.

“With regards to Chong, it is now time for him to tell Sarawakians why there is no petrol subsidy for Sarawakians while there is for the peninsular people. Does he not know that there are still many people especially living in the rural areas who are depending on longboats as their only means of transport and generator sets to light up their houses?” he questioned.

Peter also queries after the action plan by the PH government, through the budget on alleviating the high and rising cost of living.

“We are not talking of the continued wobbling and deteriorating national economy and the sliding ringgit value but on an issue that adversely affects and hits ordinary Malaysians everyday right now. If by next year Malaysians are not helped, I will not be surprised Malaysians will think and say that the PH federal government is both totally incompetent and highly ineffective,” he added.

According to Peter, since PH took over the federal government in May 9 last year, it has spent so much time politicking and spinning to cover its weaknesses and failures.

“So little time and effort was given to the people’s financial plight over high and rising cost of goods and services. In this sense, the PH federal government is not caring and not mindful of how Malaysians feel and how Malaysians endure the hard life day after day.

“I’m saying this because it pains our hearts seeing our own folks struggling so hard just to survive and go on by the day and to think and see that the PH government is going for mega projects and leaving ordinary Malaysians slogging and sweating it everyday,” he added. — DayakDaily