PBDS urges State govt to expedite Covid-19 vaccination programme especially in rural areas

Bobby William

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By Jaythaleela K

MIRI, May 28: The Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak Baru (PBDS) has urged the State government to expedite the Covid-19 vaccination programme.

Its president Bobby William said the Sarawak government seems to have been very slow in carrying out the vaccination programme for Sarawakians, especially in the rural areas which are currently most affected based on the number of positive cases.

He believed many Sarawakians have questioned whether the State government is really serious in pushing for the vaccines distribution.

“Housing and Local Government Minister Dato Sri Dr Sim Khui Hian always complained that the Covid-19 registration exercise has received poor response from Sarawakians,” Bobby said in a statement today.

“Unfortunately, even those who have registered themselves are still waiting for their turn to receive the vaccine, which based on current scenario is rather uncertain,” he added.

Bobby disclosed, unlike in the urban areas where people have easy access to internet coverage, those in the rural and remote areas are unable to register themselves through MySejantera app.

He said in such circumstances, he wondered if the State government had done anything to help get the rural communities register themselves for the vaccination programme.

He believed that no internet coverage was among the main reasons why many Sarawakians still have not register themselves for the vaccination programme.

Bobby said the State government should find other alternatives to reach out and get the rural communities to register, instead of prolonging the situation, when it is a known fact that now most of the Covid-19 cases are recorded in the rural areas.

“Whatever it is, slow action by the State government to get the people in the State immunised is of great concern among many Sarawakians now.

“How long will Sarawakians, especially the ordinary rural folks have to endure this situation when they could only hold on to political promises which never end but pending to be fulfilled?

“When will Sarawakians see the distribution of Covid-19 vaccine finally reach them before the cases get worst than it already is as of now,” he pointed out.

Bobby believed that many Sarawakians and Malaysians, as a whole, feel that political manipulation is leveraging over the Covid-19 cases in Malaysia.

He said only the Almighty knows what is hidden behind the closet by the politicians who hold authority in governance in this situation.

“It is high time to set aside all political interests but focus more on humanitarian rights instead,” he added. — DayakDaily